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One from the Where Are They Now File

Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy, part of the "Best Brains"-trust responsible for Mystery Science Theatre 3000, is blogging at The Interocitor. Surprisingly, there's nothing about movies to be found; he's exclusively doing libertarian-right politics. C'mon, Kevin! Please, just one "Movie Bad! Servo hate movie!" for old times' sake!

In other MST3K news, Mary Jo "Pearl Forrester" Pehl is ... attending a furry convention. I'm still struggling for a punchline.


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Dammit, now I'm going to have to root around and find the MST episode with that bit in it. Erg, I think it's "High School Bigshot," that tour de force of teen angst.

As to Mary Jo and the furry convention: at least she's not writing for "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Y'know, I'd even forgotten that the show ever existed. To have been (a) reminded that it did, (b) notified that it was STILL on, and (c) shocked with the knowledge that Trace was in that particular slave galley -- there's something to that B5 line of Marcus' about the universe being inherently unfair.