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It Broke

My family never gets tired of the story of how, when I was Will's age (almost 2!), I once broke a piece of chalk and then quietly and expectantly held it up to Mom -- waiting for her to fix it.

I've just returned from the Apple Store. My iBook has died. Sitting at the Genius Bar, I very much felt like I was expecting the Apple Tech to put the chalk back together.

Currently trying to clone the hard drive, so I won't lose all the applications and data that were on the damn thing. I was going to get around to making a full backup....


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My condolences, man. They always seem to go right when you're getting around to backing up the data. Did they say what's wrong with it?

Looks like the logic board's fried. Display and mouse/keyboard input died on bootup. I was able to start the machine in Target Disk Mode long enough to use my neighbor's iBook to pull my data...

It felt like taking a pet to the vet.