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Someone Thought This Was a Good Idea

Quick, who's this?

Time's up! It's Space Ghost, buffed for the 21st century by DC Comics! From the preview article at Newsarama:

Initially, Kelly explained, DC was reluctant to explore the possibilities of Space Ghost as an action character in comics, but to his continued surprise, winds shifted. I cant believe they actually went for it, Kelly said. Its really a hardcore, pulp-feel story, with him being betrayed by the police force and taking his revenge. Its really dark, and its going to be a blueprint for them to revamp the character and keep it going.


So the character from the cheery happy '60s adventure cartoon and the bizarre comedy/talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast is now getting the nostalgic revamp treatment so popular in comics today.

Hard to believe that the readership of comic books is simultaneously aging and shrinking, isn't it? I'm not saying that Space Ghost is a sacrosanct character by any means. I don't care about the character. But what's next? Charlie Brown packing heat? I've already seen a modern comic book based on the '80s toys The Transformers featuring a person being stomped flat -- yes, killed with a faint red mist in the air -- by a giant robot.

Statistically speaking, was anyone in America clamoring for a Schwarzeneggerean Space Ghost?

Oh, wait, maybe it was this guy.


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Erm ... nice triangles you got there, Ghost.
That is seriously weird. :P