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(Lunchblogging from Schlotsky's)

As my last entry suggested, I've not been my usual bubbly, effervescent, carbonated self in the last few days. Despite feeling a little more productive at work, and having gotten some writing-for-pleasure done yesterday, I'm stuck in a bit of a personal holding pattern. A couple of social outlets closed themselves off, and I've been remiss -- it's guilt, probably -- in reestablishing contacts with some people who have been, and are, very important to me, but with whom I've fallen down on the job post-parenthood.

But enough about me. Aside from the general funk, another thing that's been limiting my blogging has been a lack of direction for the blog. I've written some good things here, but essentially it's been a self-hosted LiveJournal. LiveJournals are cool, but they're -- of course -- personal. LiveJournal writing doesn't lend itself to outward, community-independent writing, the sort of writing that friends and strangers want to tune into or benefit from.

My friend Lex gets it, with a personal blog that regularly has something to say. 'Course, he's been "getting it" for a number of years, as he's helping to shake up the News and Record with its coming foray into "open source journalism". He's an example of, "it's not the tech you know, it's how you use the tech."

My friend Woody has a blog on the MT installation I administer, and he's taken me by surprise with the thoughtfulness of his posts, including a community attention-grabber and a harrowing discovery. He gets it too.

And I write unfocused rambles about kids, music and video games. I ought to be doing more.

I have a chance to think about this on Saturday with a decent-sized group of fellow travelers, most far more professional about it than I am. Although I'll primarily be there for work-related reasons, I'll be keeping my ear perked for other ideas that may affect this blog. Maybe I'll come up with a direction.


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For more on how blogs might affect your particular line of work, check out http://www.marcomblog.com/

And thanks for the kind words, but I don' know nothin' 'bout birthin' no tech. I just know what I think would be cool, and I go and ask our online staffers if we can do that, and they say yes, or no, or yes but not 'til we get our new Web-publishing system, and we proceed accordingly.

Not to compare myself to Springsteen, but I read somewhere that when he was recording the "Born to Run" LP, he'd tell the Brecker Bros. et al what sounds he heard in his head and how he wanted them to go (because he didn't read or write music), and that's how the horn lines and other orchestration in "Meeting Across the River," "Jungleland" et al. came to be. I'm sort of redesigning our Web site the same way.

Comming from you Chip, I take you saying "I get it" with as much pride as I took to hearing "I now pronounce you man and wife", or Bush must have felt when he heard the words "Congratulations Mr. President, you won the election." without getting smited.

The approval of my friends is one of my big life goals. And when you have the ability to put both of your feet in your mouth at once (Which I do all too often) its not as easy a goal as it might sound.

Thank you,

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention, No one ever knows when and if they will ever "get it". It has been said "You are not here to 'get it' Mr. Burton". This is because it isn't your responsibility to "get it", it is our responsibility to "get it" about you. So write what you feel, if we "get it" we will let you know. (Unless we are too lazy to comment or something.) ;)

If it's any consolation - I have the same problem with my blog. I always thought I would have so much to say, then when I open movable type I just stare at it.

the blank screen mocks me.

I feel a round of "Why I blog" posts coming on...