May 2005 Archives

Packing Sucks

We're calling it a night at this point after about 10 hours of packing. I am really proud of how much we got done actually. Only things left for tomorrow are the kitchen, hallway, and computers. Wheeeee!

I feel VERY sorry for the movers though. There are 16 U-Haul Small boxes of books for the study, and 8 Small boxes of gaming books (wow they're heavy!) for the basement gaming area.

The tally so far is:
31 Small Boxes
21 Medium Boxes
2 Large Boxes
2 Large Comic Boxes of Comics
3 Small Comic Boxes of Comics
3 Long Filing Boxes of Important Papers
2 Ex-Small Filing Boxes of Important Papers
15 Loose Pieces

Housewarming Gift Wish List

This is not a request by any means, but if you'd like to send us a house warming gift and can't figure out what to get then check out the Wish List I've created at If you order it through that it will remove the item you've ordered for us.

You can see the wish list at

Thank you in advance if you send something! :)

Reorganized House Gallery

I added some new pictures in the house gallery of my appliances and the lack of grass in the back yard. :( I also oranized the photos a little bit into three sub-albums, Inside, Outside, and Appliances and Close-ups. Should be a little easier to find specific pictures now. Only 8 more days till closing and 11 more days till moving! Yay!