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Wow, looks like Ethereal is now WireShark. Evidently the creator of Ethereal has joined the folks from WinPCap and in so doing has had to give up the Ethereal name as it is a trademark violation. So... after wondering why I couldn't find the latest version of Ethereal, I FINALLY found WireShark. I'm sure this is old news for most folks, but some how I missed it.

I wanted to download the latest version because I am taking Bill Alderson's NetAnalyst Level II - Architect class. I've taken this class (and the Level I class as well) about 10 years ago, and was certified as a Level II NetAnalyst then. As a matter of fact it is the only certification I hold because it is pretty much the only I've determined is worth it. CCIE's, JCNIE's, etc. are more about proclaiming that I know how to CONFIGURE and FIX that specific vendor's products. The NetAnalyst certification however is just about knowing how networks work and how to fix them as fast as you possibly can. Is an excellent class and certification and essential to anyone who wants to work on Networks in my personal opinion.

So, with the classes I've been sitting here and working on my coloring rules during the parts of the class that I haven't forgotten. I've improved them quite a bit I think... I hope there aren't any errors or mis-colorizations... If I find any I'll correct them, if you find any, please let me know! These are Coloring Rules for Ethereal or Coloring Rules for WireShark for you to use. I hope you enjoy them!

I'm having problems IMPORTING these. You might have to make a copy of your "colorfilters" file in your WireShark program directory for backup purposes and just rename/copy my JaysColorRules file to "colorfilters" to get these working. Not sure why IMPORT isn't working though.

A Day to Remember? Or Forget?

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So, I sit here early in the morning (well, GMT-5 early in the morning) on June 6th 2006. Actually, that date written like that is rather boring. Let's write it numerically... 6-6-06... and take a little liberty dropping the leading zero which any form other than a date we wouldn't bother with.... 6-6-6, and collapse the dashes to prove my point... 666. There we go. That is the number. That's the number that the book of Revelation tells all who will read it to watch out for, the number of the beast.

So, am I watching out? No, not really. I do however believe that some crazy somewhere might also be looking at that number and letting their little brain cells form some dangerous patterns that it is up to them to start armageddon for the rest of us. I actually decided to work from home today... my home is on the OTHER side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, AWAY from Washington, DC. Do I really think something will happen in DC today? I give it about a 1 in 20 chance of a crazy doing something... well, crazy.