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Tagging and the Tag Cloud


I've went through and tagged every previous entry with various keywords. I noticed one thing very quickly, I have a lot of meta posts (just like this one) about the blog itself. It was also interesting to see that I posted more personal (feelings, not data) stuff than I'd ever planned on doing. I thought about going back and deleting it, but with the Wayback Machine archiving most if not all Internet content for everyone to view... why bother. I'll leave them here. I'm a human being, just like most folks reading this blog, so yes, I have feelings and have been in love and have folks that taught me things growing up. :)

One of the tags I used was "high horse" these are the entries where I pontificate on one subject or another. I'll be upfront and state that my opinions may come across stronger (or weaker) than they were and they might be totally different now... so read what you will into them.


New Version of Movable Type

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Thanks to our local Blog Admin Wizard, Chip... we have a new version of Movable Type up and running. I love the new interface, it rocks. :)

Testing Blog Software

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Wow. What a weekend. Decided to upgrade MySQL to allow the upgrades of a couple of other things on the server, and it was a "downhill" event. Everything looked good when I went to bed last night at about 1am. But then when I woke up this morning, Apache was down.

Too long of a story to post, but let us just say that there are many things now upgraded and all once again working in harmony.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. 2005 is here, I can't believe the we're starting the 5th year of the new century already. Time is moving way too fast at this point in life. Check out the evening's pictures of Duke, the Cutest Dog on New Years.

Testing the blog

Just in case, I wanted to make sure everything was still up. By the way, hello everyone!

New Pictures

There are various new pictures in the Picture Gallery. I like the new ones of Lisa's dog Duke as well as a couple of shots of the fog behind our outside lunch area at work in the misc album.

Lots of New Pictures

I just updated my picture gallery with lots of new pictures. I have four walks from while I was out in California as well as family vacation photos from last year in Sedona, AZ. I like my gallery!

Also, don't forget to bid on my really good deals on some computer parts that you'll find below!

New Picture Gallery

Just added a new Picture Gallery to replace my rather poor pictures HTML page from before. I still need to add those old pictures into the gallery. The new gallery has a couple of albums in them already from hiking and holidays. You can click on my picture on the sidebar column, the Picture Gallery link, or here:

New Pictures

I really need to try and keep up with my blog. Maybe someday I'll get better at it. As for now a few pictures have been added. You can also get to my pictures by clicking on my ugly mug. :)

Impossible I Say!

I have a problem. I just can't remember to write things down here. When I am reminded (thank you my friend) to update the site, then I immediately want to do so. But by tomorrow something will happen that I'd normally like to post about and posting to my blog will not enter my mind. Maybe I'll put a daily entry in my Palm Pilot for each night to remind me to post to my blog if I have something to say. Hmmmm. That might work. Well, I'll give updates right now for a bunch of different subjects.