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NANOG43 Notes

NANOG43 is in Brooklyn, NY this year. These are my rough notes if I have any. Also, I'll not link to every topic if I'm not all that interested in the subject. You can find the agenda with links to most if not all of presentations. If you have questions about any of them, feel free to seek me out.

Security BOF
Updates from various Security groups and call for participation.

Community Meeting
Pretty quiet meeting actually. MLC wasn't nearly the hot topic that I believe everyone was expecting.

Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg
Views from the Other Side: Confessions of a Guilty Customer

Lots of discussion about being the customer side. Mostly light like the Keynotes have been at NANOG so far, but had some nuggets as all things can. Jay is a very good speaker, but being a serial entrepreneur he kind of has to be.

Coolest thing from pres was at the end when he put up: http://labs.digg.com/swarm/

Peering Wars: Lessons learned from the Cogent-Telia Depeering
Martin Brown, Alin Popescu, & Earl Zmijewski, Renesys Corporation

Favorite quote: "Being a tier 1 is not easy. You will be punished if you are perceived to be in a position of weakness."

Internet Traffic Trends -- A View from 67 ISPs
Craig Labovitz, Danny McPherson, Mike Hollyman & Scott Iekel-Johnson, Arbor Networks

78 ISPs now... sharing data every hour, 5 minute aggregate data
5 MSOs, 4 Tier1s, 15 Tier2s, 4 Content Providers, 1 R&E, rest did not self-classify
1300 routers