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My Perfect Garden


Have to come back and edit further later...

I was talking to my mom this weekend and she was telling me how my step-dad was planting just a few tomato plants this year for their garden. That lead to the discussion of what you "have to have" in your garden. I realized growing up planting a garden every year was something I was very happy to have done as a kid. We were poor, so it was actually important, more important than I knew then, but looking back on it, it wasn't just a luxury having all of those fresh vegetables, it was a necessity.

So, when I finally find the time (more importantly gumption) to plant a garden as adult what do I want in it? I think we can do most of this in raised beds, so space doesn't seem to be an issue.

Vegetable Garden:
(2) Heirloom Tomato
(2) Cherry Tomato
(2) Cucumber
(2) Yellow Squash
(2) Zucchini
(2) Green Bell Pepper
(2) Okra
(2) Green Beans
(2) Lima Beans
(2) Green Peas
(2) Black Eyed Peas
(2) Watermelon
(2) Cantaloupe
(2) Honey Dew Melon
(6) Celery
(12) Carrots
(12) Romaine Lettuce
(12) Scallions
(12) White Onions
(12) Red Onions
(6) Yukon Gold Potatoes
(6) Red Potatoes
(24) Corn Stalks

Herb Garden:
(2) Basil
(2) Oregano
(2) Thyme
(2) Mint
(6) Garlic

AT&T 3G comes to Winchester, VA

This morning when I woke up and picked up my BlackBerry Bold I noticed something I hadn't seen before from my home here in Winchester, VA... "3G" instead of "EDGE". I was ecstatic... and amazed! At first I imagined that the "3G" just got stuck from my commute from the other side of the Blue Ridge mountains, but turning off the WiFi connection to check out the speed easily proved to me that I really did have a speedy connection.

Of course, the AT&T coverage map isn't updated yet, but it really is here! Yay! Searching the Internet I also found a new blog, GottaBeMobile. A local gentleman, who is the Artistic Director at a local theater in the area, is one of the editors there. Good to see other folks who love technology here in the valley.