February 2006 Archives

Quite a Day


The weather report called for 50 or so today. As I type I'm on my back porch enjoying the sun beating down in 63 degree weather instead. The birds are chirping and seeking, and there is a dog (not Duke) barking in the distance. Kids are calling out to each other, and the cars go down the road.

Of course, when the breeze comes by it is rather chilly, but then it passes and all is warm again. I see the houses across the street and wonder upon those owners. I wonder if they sat on their back porches on the first warm day after the winter in their new homes. Even if they did, I'm sure they didn't have a laptop with them. I've even more sure they weren't connected to the Internet, and of course no one would even think of posting to a blog.

However, the feeling that I have, that of satisfaction and happiness, and of finally taking the step to buy a place to live and call home... that feeling I am sure they had all of the years ago when they built. All of the years ago when they looked over here and thought to themselves, "look at that farm over there, wonder if the farmer was as happy as I am on the first warm day after the first winter when that farm came into existence."

I can't wait for my next house, when on the first warm day after winter I'll instead look out and not see any other houses and not think about anyone else and instead enjoy my solitude with no passing cars, no kids or dogs (other than perhaps my own) making noises that I can hear floating on the cool breeze. As much as I love this day, I look forward to the next and the next and of course the next.