Is Good.


Life is good for me right now. No complaints at all. I feel better than I've felt in years (amazing what eating right can do for you (see walking entry)). I love what I'm doing at work, and am having fun when I'm not at work.

There really isn't much to say about life in general. I'm not dating anyone, though I'm definitely not opposed to finding another wonderful woman ... just can't figure out why they don't fall out of the sky... :) I've not been active in looking, trying to live by the adage of when you least suspect it and all. At this point, I certainly don't suspect anything! :P It has been nearly three years since I was in a relationship. The past few months have been interesting in that three old interests contacted me to catch up. Tracee is re-married and has a little girl. Dena just married and has her two children, and Mel has a little girl now. They are all extremely happy, and I'm happy for them!!!

Well, not a lot of news on the Life in General front. I think I'm going to go Geocaching now! Wish these daily entries would post in chronological order without reversing ALL of days too.


Yay! Jay's back! :)
Mark and I have been talking about Geocaching lately. I think he and Doug went yesterday while I was sacked out on the couch trying to defeat this stupid, evil cold that I caught. :(
But Mark and I would like to come visit you sometime and go Geocaching in your neck of the woods!

Come on up!!! Lots of fun to be had!

Hi again, Jay. Congrats on the exercise & diet stuff from a few entries down!

Heh, thanks Shannon! You, Chip, and baby Will should come up too! Need to have a get together up here. Hopefully there will be another good concert at Wolftrap soon. :)