Losing an old friend


So today I've shutdown Turning Point MUD. After 9 and 1/2 years the MUD had finally came to a point where folks just did not have the time or energy to devote to keeping it running any longer. I'm surprised we've been able to keep the MUD going as long as we had. It takes many hours of dedicated work on the part of the administrative staff to keep a mult-player game such as a MUD refreshing and fun for everyone. For TP MUD, it was simply more time than could be spared by the IMPs. I posted a bit of a history of the IMPlementors of the MUD as well as my farewells at: http://mud.tp.org/.

I'd still like to take a moment here in my personal blog to extend my thanks to all the players, player guides, immortals, and implementors of the past 9 and 1/2 years at TP MUD for all of your creative energies that you put forth to make TP MUD one of the best MUDs out there. We may not have ever had the largest player populations, but I always had fun myself and heard of the fun others were having at TP, and that to me is what made it a success. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to cross paths in the future with many of the friends I've made from TP MUD. Take care one and all, and of course, have fun, folks!


I want to thank you for keeping TP up as long as you did. I only got to play for 2 years but it was a constant source of fun and opened my eyes to the world of MUDs. I am very sad to see it go but want to show my gratitude to you anyway.


I also would like you thank you for keeping TP up and running for such a long time. I played it for 6 1/2 years, and loved every moment of it, even during the transitions (sometimes i didn't agree with some of the changes, but i got over it). I hope that whatever you pursue now brings you and others as much joy as TP once did. Take care Jay!!

-Aaron (Crex...Saul...so many others)

I will add my voice to the countless number of others that have come before me. I will miss the place and do hope that should it ever make a comeback that we all find it again.

I'd like to thank you, Jay, for all the time and devotion you'd put into a game that gave me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. I always enjoyed contributing to making the game go, and regret that life's circumstances prevented me from taking a larger role. Good luck in all you do.