Tagging and the Tag Cloud


I've went through and tagged every previous entry with various keywords. I noticed one thing very quickly, I have a lot of meta posts (just like this one) about the blog itself. It was also interesting to see that I posted more personal (feelings, not data) stuff than I'd ever planned on doing. I thought about going back and deleting it, but with the Wayback Machine archiving most if not all Internet content for everyone to view... why bother. I'll leave them here. I'm a human being, just like most folks reading this blog, so yes, I have feelings and have been in love and have folks that taught me things growing up. :)

One of the tags I used was "high horse" these are the entries where I pontificate on one subject or another. I'll be upfront and state that my opinions may come across stronger (or weaker) than they were and they might be totally different now... so read what you will into them.



Testing comments after massive server issues. Soooo much mail... well, spam.

Testing comments one more time. Really hate spammers.