Open Source System Management


This is mostly notes for myself... however, it was a useful post on NANOG that I wanted to keep track of. So I'm listing some packages to manage systems and devices via SNMP, syslog, daemons on the hosts, etc... and of course including graphing of time series data and such too.

Hyperic -
OpenNMS -
opsview -
osimius -
PandoraFMS -
Zabbix -
Groundwork -
Nagios -
Zenoss -
OpManager -
Orion -
BigBrother -
Argus -
Munin -
Spiceworks -
Cacti -

Some more updates from the ongoing email thread:

Xymon -

NMIS - - - - a (very current) fork of Nagios - another netflow tool - For those with larger campus networks - audit tool for different network devices


Hi Jay,

Really a comprehensive list of System Management vendors and products. To be frank, I've not heard about certain products and I'm updating my sheet with this list ;-).

One more information, to my knowledge of this list couple of products are not Open Source viz. ManageEngine OpManager, Orion. The sources are still closed.

Just thought of sharing this with you.

I've went through your writing on traffic analysis and network management. It is interesting.

Keep writing Jay

Kalvin Ram

Thanks for the info Kalvin! I haven't had a chance to download them all and investigate as I want to... in my copious free time. :-) But did find the discussion where I collected them on the NANOG mailing list worthy of recording for future reference.

Thanks for the words on my Net Analysis posts. I wish I had more time, and actually remembered to post some of the things I come across. Must make an effort to do so.